Who is Antichrist?

The publication in A5 of 110 pages in 11 chapters initially concerns a survey of the development of the teaching of the Antichrist and Christ’s reign on the earth.  The Scriptural description of antichrist as recorded by John in his Letters and its implications, are first considered. Polycarp, who probably knew John personally, reproduces in his writings the substance of John’s teaching. Antichrist is anyone who denies the Father and the Son. Hence there could be many antichrists.

Instead of this teaching most commentators were more concerned with a great single Antichrist who would come in the future, and be increasingly associated with the Devil. The firm and certain Scripture promise of the Return of Christ to sit on David’s throne was largely ignored.  The historian Gibbon writing in 18th   century confirms that this belief:,‘ was at length rejected as the absurd invention of heresy and fanaticism’.

Following the Reformation, there was much speculation that antichrist was in fact the Pope. Futurist interpretations of the Book of Revelation then arose linking the coming of Antichrist with far off End Times. It was concluded that the Pope could not possibly be Antichrist, as the time of the end had not by then arrived. The survey has shown that pure speculation about antichrist has run rife over many years; With such teachings as the ‘Left Behind’ books and films, millions of Christians are being led to expect events wholly contrary to Bible teaching. When the true Jesus Christ does appear a devastating case of, “Mistaken Identity” will grip the whole world. Let the Reader take heed!