Cromwell, the Jews and the Second Coming – WHEN?

This publication in A5 format and approximately 60 pages includes a DVD disc. It details how Oliver Cromwell, starting from humble beginnings, gradually rose to become an MP at 29 years of age. Eventually when King Charles I was found guilty of High Treason, Cromwell became the First Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland until his untimely death in 1658.

During this time Cromwell was also engaged in negotiations to encourage Jews, who had been banned from the Country in 1290, to return to England. The reason was not only that he believed this would strengthen trade links, but also, somewhat surprisingly – he felt that if the Jews could be converted to belief in Jesus Christ, this would hasten the “Second Coming”. An interesting light is thrown by history as the descendants of Cromwell through his daughter lead to the Lord Allenby who liberated Jerusalem in 1917 from the Turks. Allenby also was a Bible believer and this knowledge, in a fascinating way, directly aided the capture of Jerusalem.

We are shown some of the background thinking and discussions which were taking place at the time. The Bible in English as a result of the Printing Press, had become more widely available and people were reading it – none more so than Oliver Cromwell himself, who was a devout Puritan. They were becoming aware of the central theme of God’s plan as being the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to the earth and the restoration of the Jews. Plainly Jesus Christ did not return to the Earth in 17th century and has not even till now. The content then addresses some reasons as to why this is so and puts forward 6 “WITNESSES” from Scripture, giving logical reasons for still urgently expecting the return of Christ and for being constantly “READY”.

The book traces this fascinating history and highlights the part played by Oliver Cromwell and his deep convictions which underlie his life and decisions. The history demonstrates how a correct understanding of Bible Truth can lead to strong convictions and a changed way of life.