Beast of the Sea and Beast of the Earth

This new book is based on Revelation chapter 13 and the approach taken follows that of Bro Thomas in accepting its content was sent and “signified” to John.  Interpretation is through other relevant scripture, with Daniel’s writings providing the master key.

Daniel 7 shows successive nations as wild animals and links with the beasts of Rev.13, demonstrating how the Lord views men and nations. Which particular nations are described some hundreds of years in advance? The Beast of the Sea (13:1) is pictured as those nations of the Roman Empire lying close to the Mediterranean Sea, as they come under the control of Constantine The Great. The Beast of the Earth (13:11) develops and emerges as an extension of the former Beast of the Sea, which still existed.  Under the dual control of Pope and Emperor (two horns) it becomes “The Holy Roman Empire”, encompassing most of Western Europe and some of the Eastern for 1000 years.

Explanation is also given of the “Two Witnesses” (Rev.11:3), including the historical background and the clear links with the Papacy and the Roman Empire. Underlying everything is the terrible suffering of God’s chosen, who will in the end be vindicated and also the Glory which will follow.