Understanding the Book of Revelation

The A5 booklet of 166 pages, divided into 7 topics, is accompanied by two DVD discs mounted into the covers and linked to the book by numbered slides.  It provides a broad overview in sequence of the whole of the Book of Revelation, highlighting particular features. The main elements of the Book are explained and include the history of the times, but only as much as required to understand the relevance.

One of the fundamentals is the awareness of the need to interpret the signs through which the Book is given.

The Book is viewed as being an integral part with the whole of the remainder of inspired Scripture. Many of the resulting links in both directions are emphasised. For example, the curses on the earth and mankind, which resulted in the curse as recorded in the Book of Genesis, are wholly reversed by the end of the Book of Revelation.

The main series of signs are considered – seals, trumpets and vials – and are all interpreted alongside the great sign of the development of the Beasts.

‘Revelation’ is considered chapter by chapter bringing the understanding up to the present world conditions among the nations, as fulfilling the predictions of the Book. Exciting future developments are outlined leading ultimately to the return of Jesus Christ and the setting up of God’s Kingdom on earth as promised to King David.

The approach is suitable for those who know a little about the Book of Revelation and are prepared to build onto the foundation. Others are advised to initially read, ‘First Steps to Understanding the Book of Revelation’, which fills in essential background.