Steps & Samples

Why “Steps”?

The Book of Revelation is not easy to understand at first – God has chosen to use many signs and symbols which need interpreting. This is where this pack can really help you get a handle on the book.

Little or no previous knowledge is assumed!

Recommended Method of Approach:

  1. View the two DVD discs. Content is arranged in seven topics on each disc. Some sections may be difficult on first viewing but proceed anyway and understanding will come. Slide numbering enables linkage to the book.
  2. Start reading the book, using slide numbering to view the same topic on screen. The book contains additional details and explanations not in the videos. At first reading we suggest you ignore the footnotes and references – go for the overall view.
  3. Progress to considering the footnotes and explanations. Follow up detailed references and the handbook section numbers indicated.

Here are a couple of sample pages to give you an idea of how the A5 book links with the DVDs. Click the thumbnails for full-page views.